wax seal stamp set

Nevertheless, while the seal may have gained some extra protection over the decades, paper itself continued to suffer during the opening process. Also, if you intend to bury it outside, I wouldn’t recommend putting in anything that could be damaged by moisture, just in case your container gets broken or doesn’t seal correctly. This is possible in even the smallest outdoor spaces such as a window box, pots and container or on a sunny windowsill. You can also use any type of box, container, or bag if you wish to simply place the capsule in a “secret” location in your home. Since this jar will be unearthed in only a year, it isn’t really the place for memories you want to revisit in 50 or so years. The materials you need for making a time capsule should depend on where you want to hide the finished product. Why Make A Time Capsule?

Make every letter you send have the magic of the first Hogwarts letter! Even when performed by someone with a great amount of experience magic is not guaranteed to work. Some believe the only exception to this would be using magic to prevent someone from harming you. Appropriate charms can be added to the cord and the colour of the cord itself could be selected to correspond with the intent of the magic. You can leave that out too, if you want. If you want to bury it, a plastic, glass or metal container that can be sealed is preferable. Since I just bury mine in the garden, a plain glass canning jar is sufficient. If you want something more organized than just a jar of random mementos, try creating a jar with a theme. Then just light the wax stick (or a candle) and drip wax in the spot where you want the seal (such as the middle of the edge of the envelope flap).