wax seal melting kit

Add three or four wax beads into your spoon and hold about an inch above the flame. For example a charm bag created for protection could be placed above the front door to your house. These are simple to make and are similar to charm bags but use jars, bottles or other containers and can be thought of as spells in a jar. Small cloth bags are chosen in a colour to match the spell and then filled with various items such as crystals, herbs, charms or images and written words. Charm bags are small cloths bags that contain various items that correspond to the intent of a spell. A very simple candle spell can be performed by lighting a candle and while looking into the flame, visualise your intent and it coming into being. The ethics of your magic workings should always be carefully considered because any energy that you send out into the universe can affect other people and the environment. Thank you. It is great that magic is so adaptable in that way so people can work just with even just one type that resonates best with them and still have plenty of success. Many people consider that it is best to carry a charm bag with you at all times but others believe that they can be left in a relevant place.