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Thank you. It is great that magic is so adaptable in that way so people can work just with even just one type that resonates best with them and still have plenty of success. Ginger – love, money and success. Wrap each side of your fruit roll-up strip over your snowman figure, cutting the ends to look like the ends of a scarf. With your fingers, or another round object, shape your reindeer antlers to look however you’d like and set them aside. Physical features like this can also provide clues to resolving issues for historians: Akkerman was able to date several letters after November 1632 in her edition because of the black sealing wax. Akkerman surmised that two seals meant the letter had been opened, amended and shut again, and would ‘indicate to the recipient that it was Elizabeth who tampered with the letter and not someone else who had spied upon it’. Editing Elizabeth of Bohemia’s letters, Akkerman sometimes found two broken seals, each with a different stamp. In addition to these iconographic and symbolic functions, seals, of course, served a very practical security purpose. The colour of the candle should be chosen to suit the purpose of the magic.

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Appropriate charms can be added to the cord and the colour of the cord itself could be selected to correspond with the intent of the magic. The knotted cord can be carried with you or kept somewhere safe. Essential oils can be rubbed or dabbed onto candles to enhance the magic or they can be decorated with symbols, names or other words. This is done using a few drops of alcohol or in some cases essential oils. One problem when it comes to analysing Bess’s own use of seals is that very few reliable examples survive from the time before her fourth husband Shrewsbury died, in November 1590, and she became dowager countess of Shrewsbury. We do not have any examples of black seals from among the letters to and from Bess, but they are known from other early modern writers. If your intentions are negative, selfish or intended to harm others, the magic may be less likely to work.

Fortunately it can be removed by using cleansing or clearing rituals or spells and this can be especially useful when an item has a negative, unpleasant energy or stale energy. This collected energy is carried within the item or place and can be felt by and influence other people, even many years later. Some also full list spells and rituals that can be used but if you are drawn to a particular herb, wax seal stamp kit oil or other item following your own intuition can often result in a more tailored and successful outcome. Manuscript Calligraphy Sets are able to be used for a variety of occasions, such as greeting cards, invitations, place cards, certificates and other official documents. Ideal for a variety of lettering styles. Manuscript Flexi Tip Marker Set contains 12 assorted coloured markers with a versatile flexible tip ideal for calli-graffiti, hand lettering and large scale calligraphic work. Practise 6 different lettering styles with the Manuscript Hand Lettering Kit. Manuscript Calligraphy Sets can be used for a variety of occasions,greeting cards, invitations, place cards, certificates and other official documents.

Each variety of herb has unique magical and healing properties. Herbs should be labelled clearly with their name and if dried the date, as over time they can lose their potency. On the side, melt your white chocolate chips on low heat over the stove with your olive oil, stirring constantly. Ice them with your chocolate icing when they cool. With a knife or small spatula, smear vanilla icing across your ball and press the bottom side of each gumdrop into the icing. Lay your strips, one at a time, out onto your table on top of your wax paper and smear a little bit of icing onto the middle of each one. Continue to add items until the bottle is full and then add the lid, you can also decorate the outside if you wish or seal the top with wax. Finally, cut out a star from one of your yellow peppers as a big, beautiful star for the top of your tree.

Cut out little circles from your red and yellow peppers to use as ornaments for your tree. The ethics of your magic workings should always be carefully considered because any energy that you send out into the universe can affect other people and the environment. Many people consider that any spell that is intended to harm or attempt to control another person’s free will are ethically wrong and should not be used. Most spells require that the candle is left to burn until it goes out naturally and for this reason many people chose to use small candles such as tea light candles for spell work. For example, if you cast a love spell hoping that one specific person will fall in love with you and they do not, the spell may still be carrying out its work. I would start by cutting out a slice of pizza and laying it on the table crust towards you.