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“Manufacturing can always have its complexities both locally and overseas,” he says. His bio says he’s always been romantic and that even as a child, he would write love letters and make mixtapes for his crushes. Although you could argue there isn’t a real rivalry at play — the Fox Sports pundit could simply be trying to make headlines, and LeBron doesn’t bother responding — Skip’s stance has simply become part of the pop-cultural landscape. As arguably the most famous player in the modern NBA, LeBron James has had to absorb his fair share of slings and arrows over the years. If we give Bayless the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant that he missed the star power of LeBron James in the NBA Finals, he wouldn’t be the first to share that sentiment. While there might not be an all-encompassing global star like LeBron on the court, there are still plenty of storylines to follow.

That reality, however, hasn’t stopped Skip Bayless from needling LeBron James over the years. As usual, Bayless fired off a handful of tweets throughout the game, discussing Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul, and the Bucks’ defensive struggles. While the source of that hate has been spread around thanks to the rise of social media, black durag a good amount of that criticism has come from Skip Bayless. Do you think that social media has made it harder for the average person to feel adequate? Earlier in the playoffs, there was plenty of discussion about market sizes, potential ratings, and how the casual basketball fan would feel about a championship series that didn’t feature any of the league’s blue-blooded franchises. As a “mental health warrior” (per Hunter’s Instagram bio), it’s obvious he’s a fan of lifting others up and is open about his sobriety journey. When Hunter’s not doing dad things and posting on social, he’s working as a software strategist in Texas. Considering he’s on a show all about love, it’s clear Hunter’s looking to find romance again.

” During Week 3, fans learned a little bit about Hunter’s previous marriage. With every fashion week and each star in his salon chair, he subverts Black stereotypes into regality. After showing Katie pictures of his children, Hunter ended up getting the group rose date during The Bachelorette Week 5 — much to the disappointment of the other contestants. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of his pet parakeet, Zazu, on his socials, but here’s hoping Katie will fix that should they wind up together. It can be a protection, but at the same time, silk durag conversations are not being had on a grand scale. What scared me the most about it was that everyone was getting the same face. When mom is getting ready to take her family outside, she may lather on the sunscreen and think that her children are good to go. If canned or jarred artichokes in water are used instead of frozen, look for the lowest sodium brand.

Memes are evolving and being shared, and I think that’s a good thing, because evolution is not bad. What makes someone good at the internet? Do you think we would have reached this moment without social media and the internet? The Houston, Texas, dad has quite a big social media following (he has more than 64,000 followers on TikTok), on which he posts a lot of inspirational videos. 10 more than Sling TV Blue but has ABC, Fox and NBC locals in some markets, and a lot more channels overall (at least as long as that limited-time offer remains good). With people who are really good on Twitter, it’s usually relatability, or a strong voice, or shock, or all three! So here are a few, genre and not. Whether you’re rocking at home or outdoors, if like most black folks here at Highsnobiety you cannot wait to rock a fancy durag, feast your eyes on some of our favorites available at L’ENCHANTEUR’s online shop below.

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