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We’re starting to see powerful people held accountable for violence, blue velvet durag whether that’s police brutality or sexual assault. With Season 17 of The Bachelorette in full swing, fans are starting to pick their favorite cast members who they hope will snatch the final rose. In fact, a study looking at almost 600 people in the Czech Republic and 370 people in Turkey found that those who tested positive for toxoplasmosis were, overall, more likely to experience a car crash. It all adds up to a really annoying experience that challenges my muscle memory on a near-constant basis. Pizza Rat even adds some gourmet touches to the pizza, splashing olive oil on top to create what looks to be an incredibly tasty pie. To escape nerddom completely, it looks like a move to the no-fun District of Columbia would be in order. Maps: I’m a Google Maps kind of person, but the new Apple Maps looks damn good.

With people who are really good on Twitter, it’s usually relatability, or a strong voice, or shock, or all three! Twitter, but without these platforms so many people would not be able to have a voice. Ultra-relatable to anyone who spends their days in the recesses of Twitter, She Memes Well is out now from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Justin Gansowski, who works on wildlife conflicts for the U.S. Toxoplasmosis infects rats, then cats, then humans who make cat videos. For one, not everyone has a cat. AI trains achieves superhuman intelligence training on Internet cat videos, thus making toxoplasmosis the true arbiter of our destiny. Do you think we would have reached this moment without social media and the internet? With my ADHD I have a hard time focusing on certain aspects of things. You talk in She Memes Well about getting negative attention for your Bill Cosby tweet in 2017 — an assertion that Cosby deserved jail time for his crimes.

Today, we talk about cities, municipalities, states, countries that are too big to fail. Now let’s talk about Tab Groups, a new Safari feature I actually love. Let’s get too it! These newly brave rats will approach cats, get eaten, and pass on the parasite to the cats who then pass it on to people — a symbiotic relationship with cats, essentially. Similar to DOE’s first location, the Xintiandi store maintains the company’s original concept, with a clean, traditional yet modern, innovative approach. Even as the iTunes store came to dominate 99-cent song downloads, its existence was meant to propel sales of iPods and, later, iPhones. If you’re using an iPhone XS or later, point your camera at anything with text on it—a magazine, a sign, a document—and you can capture, copy/paste, look up, or translate words directly from the camera preview. Live Text: Apple’s new Camera feature that lifts texts from photos is, I believe, some form of wizardry. The parasite, scientists believe, affects the minds of rodents and causes them to lose their fear in predators such as cats and humans. Elon Musk tweeted a fascinating — and frankly unsettling — theory last night about how a brain parasite might be forcing all humans to create advanced AI.

But does it affect humans as well? Marital satisfaction only dropped among mothers and it did not affect fathers. ” It’s about her life, but also about how a whole generation — now generations — of people have come of age online. Even if you aren’t spectacular at the sport you can have success: by competing against your own times and seeking to improve. Sometimes she’s paralyzed with the blues, unable to even get out of bed, cheap durags and the next she’s caught up in senseless fury. You can even schedule FaceTimes, though one weird hiccup is that you can’t schedule one directly from the FaceTime app. They would always slim my nose out, manipulate my eyes, and it was just fitting a weird beauty standard. Q: What about going in the other direction: How about running the Mac OS on other Intel machines, like a standard PC? But the willingness to laugh at oneself and at the odd things going on around you is pretty important.