custom wax seal kit

And finally, dip each of your cinnamon candies in a little bit of icing and stick them on top of your sugar cookies so your reindeer can have a special red nose, just like Rudolph. After the jar is filled and sealed, I add a little extra protection by dipping the lid in melted wax. Take one just for this occasion and seal it in a plastic bag for extra protection. If you use a flash drive, try to seal it very well inside of a plastic bag or smaller container to protect it. Purchase the Harry Potter Slytherin Wax Seal at BoxLunch or ThinkGeek. Buy the Harry Potter Gryffindor Wax Seal at BoxLunch or ThinkGeek. Find the Harry Potter Ravenclaw Wax Seal at BoxLunch or ThinkGeek. Personalise your wedding or stationery with a Stuart Houghton Mini Wax and Seal Set. If it is an anniversary box, cover with wedding photos or other memorabilia.